800 Calorie hCG Food List

hcg 800 calorie diet plan menu, foods and recipes

Every human being is an individual – with different needs, preferences, abilities and inner resources. What’s good for ones can be awful for others. People come up with all kinds of variations to literally everything in the world in order to adjust it to their liking or comfort.

800 calorie hcg diet

Who created this 800 Calorie Diet?

Although the original hCG weight loss protocol proposed by Dr Simeons was very strict in terms of calorie intake (just 500 calories per day allowed during phases 2 and 3) and foods allowed to eat, a couple of variations of this diet have been created throughout the years. Sample 800 calorie hcg diet menu mentioned above is one such option.

As the name of the diet implies, the difference between it and the original amounts to 300 calories. In fact, that’s roughly the amount of one main meal (lunch or dinner) recommended during the hCG very low calorie diet. (Detailed article on HCG diet protocol)

Do i lose weight in this 800 Calorie diet?

Many wonder if they’ll still lose weight on this diet, and the answer is a solid “yes, you will”. The minimum recommended calorie intake is 2500 calories for an adult man and around 2000 calories for an adult woman. Therefore, any amount of calories less than that will eventually cause weight loss, especially with the help of hCG.

What is the difference between 800 calorie diet and 500 calorie diet?

The only difference, perhaps, is the speed at which you’ll see your extra pounds vanishing. During the original 500 calorie hCG diet, the rates of weight loss usually vary from 0.5 and 0.75 pounds (0.22 – 0.34 kg). Therefore, you should expect a rate slightly lower than that. Still, some people see this variant as preferable for them.


Remember that the general rules of the original hCG protocol for weight loss still applies to the 800 calorie hCG diet. You’ll still be eating from a strictly limited amount of products and in specific combinations. In fact, the only difference between the 500 and the HCG 800 calorie diet plan is the amount of meals – one more eating session for those dieters that stick to the increased calorie hCG diet. All the rest stays the same – no sugar or starches allowed, no junk food or fatty ingredients, no eating all of your proteins /hcg 800 calorie diet recipes/vegetables/fruits at once.

Another important aspect of the 800 calorie hCG diet is that you must choose the amount of calories you’ll be sitting on – and follow up to this choice. If you prefer taking 800 calories per day during your diet – that’s fine, just stay on this number. You shouldn’t eat 800 calories today, 500 tomorrow and 900 the day after. During the hCG diet, your body is being softly tuned into having a fat-burning active metabolism, and that requires some time to adapt. Leading your body through an unstable calorie regimen equals to riding a car on a bumpy road – not affective and absolutely not pleasant.

But you’re the one to chose, ultimately. Both the traditional hCG diet and the 800 calorie hCG diet work in an effective and long-lasting manner if you follow the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your hCG product and specialists in the field of nutrition and weight loss.

800 Calorie Diet for Lunch And Dinner

800 Calorie HCG Diet for beginners (Snacks included)

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