20 Popular Celebrity Weight Loss and Weight Gain [SHOCKING PHOTOS]

Celebrity Weight Loss And Celebrity Weight Gain

In the Hollywood world, glamorous and popular stars are willing to go to extreme lengths for their art. They are free to endure anything from a painful diet to lose weight to beefing up in order to gain weight to show up on screen. There are no limits to their commitment, and maybe, just maybe, they had to gain and lose weight to please producers and entertain their audiences. What else could be the reason for celebrity diets weight gain or loss?  Check this list of 20 hottest celebrities who lost or gained weight to pleasure the theater screens.

Bradley Cooper weight loss

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper, named the sexiest man alive, had to gain 40 pounds for an upcoming movie. The 40-year-old actor didn’t have enough weight to make him appear on America’s popular show, the American Sniper. Cooper played the role of late real life navy seal Chris Kyle.


50 cent weight loss weight gain

50 Cent

The Hollywood celebrity lost weight before and after taking up a role in a movie. While working on a movie career, the celebrity took a liquid-only diet combined with three hours daily treadmill walks to lose weight. 50 Cents had to lose 4 pounds to appear in the Things Fall Apart movie. He featured in the movie as a cancer stricken football player.


mila kunis weight loss weight gain

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman alive. Like 50 Cent, she had to lose weight before being allowed to take up a movie role. She had to be nimble and small for her role in the movie Black Swan. She lost weight and shape, and she eventually became flat. I feel sorry for her.

Natalie Portman weight loss weight gain

Natalie Portman

She has to lose 20lbs to star in Oscar. Her weight loss, however, looked severe because she was already slim enough before shedding off this weight.

Jonah Hill weight loss

Jonah Hill

He played in the movie 21 jump street. He had to lose weight since he was playing the role of an undercover police officer, a role he couldn’t play better unless he lost some weight to look best fit.


Gerard Butler weight loss

Gerard Butler

This guy had to undergo severe gym training before playing a lead role in 300. He lost over 20 pounds and his appearance changed from being a handsome actor to a painfully thin dude with protruding cheekbones.

Christian-Bale weight loss

Christian Bale

He reduced by sixty-three pounds before playing the role of a chronic insomniac in Machinist. He took supplements to make sure he still got his vitamins but he hardly ate. He even over exercised.

Matthew-McConaughey weight loss

Matthew McConaughey

He lost more than three pounds, which is a quarter of his body’s mass in just a few months. He had to lose this weight to play the role of an AIDS sufferer in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. He achieved the extreme weight loss through little or no food intake. This made him a hot-tempered and starving jerk.



Jake Gyllenhaal

He is a handsome actor who radically changed his appearance for a new role in the movie Night cCrawler. The 34-year-old actor was left looking painfully thin with protruding cheekbones. He lost a little over twenty pounds.

tom hanks weight loss

Tom Hank

He shed off some reasonable amount of weight to play a role in the movie Castaway. He even wore a little pair of pants to show off his slim physique. According to the movie, he had to appear as though he had been stuck on an island for ages.

mark wahlberg weight gain

Mark Wahlberg

He had to gain weight and grow biceps in order to play a role in the movie Pain and Gain alongside Dwayne Chambers, a wrestling icon.


Brad Pitt weight loss

Brad Pitt

He has to lose some weight to be starred in the movie called Snatch. He was casted as an illegal bare-knuckle boxing gypsy champion, hence the need to shed off some weight to be fit for that role.


hillary swank weight gain

Hillary Swank

Does it even make sense that a girl this gorgeous with a celebrity shape had to gain weight? Anyway, she had to gain fifteen pounds for her role in Million Dollar Baby. She had to look hard enough to be punched without falling over. She had to keep eating more even when she was full in order to achieve this weight gain.


Renee Zellweger weight gain weight loss

Renee Zellweger

She is famously known for being Bridget Jones. Renee had to lose and gain weight again twice.



Will Smith

He is a favorite actor for many people, including me of course. He had to transform from a fresh prince to the greatest of all time as boxing legend Ali. He had to hit the gym five times a week and did fitness workouts on his days off since he could not appear in a pair of baggy shorts and some gloves in the ring.


Charlize Theron-weight-gain

Charlize Theron

She gained weight for the sake of the movie Monster in time for the academy awards. She lost more than a pound within a month against doctor orders in order to look her best. She then had to lose the weight she had gained to play her role.



Gwyneth Paltrow

She played her role as herself and played as her larger self by gaining weight for Shallow Hal.


Jessica Simpson weight loss

Jessica Simpson

She cut off weight to a sexy bikini body for a role in the movie Dukes of Hazard.



Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson fat is above the danger levels. She had a dramatic weight loss. She had to lose her baby weight in august 2009 before shooting her movie, Winnie, where she is starred as Nelson Mandela’s wife. She worked out with celeb trainer Harley Pasternak to cut back on calories. This is how this celeb weight loss happened in 4 months. Checkout jennifer hudson before and after image added just above this paragraph.


Kevin Federline weight loss

Kevin Federline

Kevin, who was once a toned dancer, gained weight to 240 pound around the time of his 30th birthday. He appeared on the reality show celebrity fit club in 2010 to try to slim down. However, he has continued to struggle with his weight.



Hollywood stars have to undergo painful and tiresome procedure so that they can take up roles in movies. Losing or gaining weight in order to earn money is not an easy thing to do for any human being. We therefore should appreciate their efforts every time since they go through hell to produce films for us to be entertained.

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